Upcoming Randonneur Ride

Which: Official Brevet - The Early Bird 203.6km
goes from Main and 20th ➞ Whytecliff Park ➞ UBC ➞ Iona Beach ➞ Steveston ➞ New West ➞ Westwood Plateau ➞ Burnaby ➞ 20th
See the Route Webpage for further details.

Saturday the 15th of March

Official Rollout time is 7am

Where: Bean around the World at Main and 20th St.

How: At a fasttt pace. Need to make it for the Bike Kitchen AGM.

Coming: √Čtienne
Maybe: Alan, Pete, Patrick, David M., Ben, Tobin, Khaled, Lucas


This is a really standard route so there should be no issues at all.

Check the forecast diligently. No idea the weather My usual fender blurb:

Bring fenders with extensions. So you can be cool.

Sections to paceline?
Hell of a lot of it, Iona, Steveston, Westminster, Barnett

    The ride hasn't happened yet!


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