Upcoming Randonneur Ride

Which: Permanent #?? [my new route] - Party in the Parks! 218.5km OR consider doing the official March Early Bird Brevet

goes from Burrard Bridge ➞ Deep Cove ➞ Seymour Demonstration Forest ➞ Belcarra ➞ Pitt Lake ➞ New West ➞ Glenloyn Park ➞ Burrard Bridge
See the BC Randonneurs Webpage for rules.
For the control cards, download here and For the cuesheet, download Excel File here and PDF here.

Sunday the 09th of March

Meet at 7am, chow for a bit? get control cards signed, leave.

Where: Siegel's Bagel's Kits at Cypress and Burrard.

How: At a fast pace. Goal is to make it well under 9 hours..

Coming: √Čtienne, Lucas, David M., Patrick, Nigel Press
Maybe: Alan, Pete, Ben, Tobin, Khaled, Tom


This is a new route so be prepared for some mis-turns etc. I made it, so yoo know it's badass

Check the forecast diligently. "Periods of rain"
My usual fender blurb:

Bring fenders with extensions. So you can be cool.

Sections to paceline?
Damn good question. Probably just useful to follow someone on the way to Deep Cove. Certainly necessary along the road to Pitt Lake and along the SFPRoad.

  Not yet on the BC Randonneurs webpage
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