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Summer Brevet Series
Photos from Summer 2014, Whatcom Wambler
July 26, 2014

Photos: Étienne Hossack
(Captions Étienne)
(Buttocks Nigel Press)


Starting off by heading southward in the A.M.

Let's pretend that thumb was there on purpose and admire the sun and Nigel's calves.

It was still a bit chilly, but Silver Lake was gorgeous.

Let's be honest, when will Nigel slow enough for an in-focus photo?

Nigel is so hungry he wonders what control cards taste like. Unfortunately he forgot to take off the plastic bag wrapping.

Admiring the remote plane flying near us. We debated the best way to integrate the motor into our seattubes.

"You're taking photos again??" Actually, he didn't say that, I just didn't have a good caption. Do people read these?

A lovely road ahead of us.

Out of the saddle to ride away from the approaching thumb-monster.

Pretty lake!

Look at that awesome shoreline!!

Putting all the secret supplements in his water.

The store looks so much friendlier in the sun!

The bay was lightly windy and so pretty.

Into the wind! Into the pretty!

Pocket stuffing while staring at the Gravel Kings. Also protecting the left shifter from impacts.

Nigel excitedly sits down to his Frappe. "Once Cheryl introduced me to them, there was no going back"

Andrew shows off his Steed jersey that is probably older than me at the finish